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Speaking Engagements

Thank you for considering us! We're thrilled to potentially speak at your event and will respond within 24 hours. 

Prepare to unlock and unleash the full potential of your team or audience as we delve into what it truly means to live in your complete identity in Christ—spirit, soul, and body. Through this exploration, they can be equipped to realize their full potential, live purposefully, and leave a lasting legacy.

Please fill out the information below to make it official. We have provided a list of popular speaking topics, but we also highly value working together to find the perfect fit for your event. Let's collaborate to determine the most suitable topic for your upcoming event

Potential Speaking Topics

Woman in Nature

Redeeming Eve

What does it mean to be a woman in the Kingdom of God. We look at the original intent of God’s design for women. We explore and unpack what was lost in Eden and how God fully redeemed and restores His daughters. 


Unleashing ad Unlocking  your Superpower

Lets unlock and unleash our  SUPERPOWER together! Everybody has superpowers! You were created with a purpose in mind and because of that, you were designed with unique innate spiritual gifts and natural talents for you to be able to succeed in life.


Holistically growing into the fullness of Christ.

We explore what it means to be healthy in spirit, soul and body. We take a look at how our body, soul, and spirit are intricately interwoven and designed to achieve the impossible from a place of rest. 

Lets work together.

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