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Fun Fact. I have called four countries home. Moved a grand total of 24 times, and no, my parents are not military. Transition, change, new environments, and building new relationships while maintaining old ones have molded and shaped me into who I am today. 


Personally, constant transitions have taught me the value of finding your tribe. It taught me how to quickly and authentically build relationships and connections. Above all, it has taught me that no matter where you are from, what culture you were raised in, or what has led you up to this point - all of us have a story to tell - something unique and valuable that only you can give to the world. It is my passion to help leaders transform their visions into tangible reality.

In my professional capacity, I have encountered and effectively navigated through rapid and substantial transformations in diverse settings. This exposure has given me the ability for flexibility and adeptness to swiftly acclimatize to unfamiliar scenarios. As a Project Manager, I leverage this adaptability and harness the prowess to unify cross-functional teams and stakeholders. These experiences have consistently led to the successful delivery of tangible outcomes for my clients.

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